Women’s lifestyle and sexual function: the effects of a preconception intervention in women with obesity


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    This dissertation describes the effects of a lifestyle intervention in women with overweight and unmet wish to conceive. The lifestyle intervention caused women to snack less, be more physically active and women therefore lost weight. We furthermore investigated which biological, psychological and social characteristics increased the likelihood of achieving successful lifestyle change. In particular external eaters, women with a strong willingness to change and women who did not receive help from a dietician in the past, succeeded in improving their lifestyle during the lifestyle program. The lifestyle program did not only lead to an improvement in lifestyle, but also to a better sexual function five years after participation in the program. It appeared that the sexual function and symptoms of anxiety and depression did not differ between women with and without PCOS, but that women with PCOS reported a lower quality of life. Finally, we found that women with post-traumatic stress symptoms had a higher pelvic floor activity (muscle tension in the pelvis) without their sexual function being reduced.
    The research in this thesis shows that physical, psychological and social factors in the field of lifestyle, overweight and sexual function are interrelated. Future interventions are therefore likely to show greater effects if they focus on several of these interrelated factors. We may need a more holistic approach within research settings and health care to be able to translate research results into policy and practice.
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