Working-memory consolidation: Insights from studies on attention and working memory

Timothy J. Ricker, Mark R. Nieuwenstein, Donna M. Bayliss, Pierre Barrouillet

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Working memory, the system that maintains a limited set of representations for immediate use in cognition, is a central part of human cognition. Three processes have recently been proposed to govern information storage in working memory: Consolidation, refreshing and removal. Here we discuss in detail the theoretical construct of working-memory consolidation, a process critical to the creation of a stable working memory representation. We present a brief overview of the research that indicated the need for a construct such as working memory consolidation and the subsequent research that has helped to define the parameters of the construct. We then move on to explicitly state the points of agreement as to what processes are involved in working-memory consolidation.
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TijdschriftAnnals of the New York Academy of Scieces
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StatusPublished - jul-2018

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