Working With Subgroup Identities to Build Organizational Identification and Support for Organizational Strategy: A Test of the ASPIRe Model

Kim Peters*, S. Alexander Haslam, Michelle K. Ryan, Miguel Fonseca

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A growing body of evidence indicates that organizational identification underpins a range of important organizational outcomes. However, to date, the literature has provided little empirically grounded guidance for organizations that are trying to develop organizational identification among their employees. In this article, the authors aim to address this lacuna by testing the effectiveness of the ASPIRe (Actualizing Social and Personal Identity Resources) model-a model that specifies a sequence of structured activities designed to use subgroup identities as a platform for building organizational identification-in a bespoke workshop delivered to senior military health services personnel. As predicted by the ASPIRe model, participants reported increased levels of subgroup and organizational identification as a result of the workshop and were also more supportive of the organization's strategy.

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StatusPublished - feb.-2013
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