Wortelresectie: tandbehoud door problemen bij de wortel aan te pakken

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    When problems occur in multirooted teeth, such as persistent endodontic problems following endodontic treatment, problems involving fracture or furcation, extraction may be decided on. However, removal of the tooth will result in loss of occlusal units and the alveolar process. By removing the compromised root and preserving the healthy part, the tooth can remain functional, but only after restorative treatment. A correct indication or diagnosis, a properly performed endodontic, restorative and surgical treatment and proper follow-up are mandatory for a successful treatment outcome.

    Vertaalde titel van de bijdrageRoot resection: tooth preservation by targeting the root of the problem
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    TijdschriftNederlands tijdschrift voor tandheelkunde
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    StatusPublished - 5-feb.-2024


    • Humans
    • Tooth Root/surgery
    • Treatment Outcome
    • Alveolar Process
    • Molar/surgery
    • Root Canal Therapy


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