You are the agenda: The pursuit of personal significance in social media contexts

Philemon Bantimaroudis*, Theodora Maniou, Thanasis Ziogas

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    This paper draws evidence from a national survey conducted in the Republic of Cyprus. Respondents provided evidence about their own self-promotion on social media while assessing other users’ personal salience online. Furthermore, they provided evidence about their own reactions toward other people’s personal salience. The study shows that respondents display affective, perceptional, as well as behavioral reactions toward other people’s online visibility. Demographic characteristics along with certain types of control variables are associated with individuals’ personal salience. Although transferring personal salience constitutes a segmented social media influence, this survey shows that it is recognized as a widespread objective and priority by ordinary individuals.
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    TijdschriftCommunications : The European journal of communication research
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    Vroegere onlinedatum4-feb.-2023
    StatusPublished - 2023

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