You in Motion: Stories and Metaphors of Becoming in Narrative Learning Environments

David Baboulene, Alex Golding, Sjoerd-Jeroen Moenandar, Floor Van Renssen

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    In a narrative learning environment, participants engage in narrative and metaphoric work: the conveying, interpretation and discussion of narratives and metaphors. We propose a design for such environments, drawing upon insights in how stories function from a wide array of fields: philosophy, cognitive research on storytelling, narrative sociology and literary narratology. Most significantly, we propose the deliberate use of knowledge gaps: differences between our existing, autobiographical scripts and perceived reality. These trigger the mind to use intellect to work out how the gap can be filled. We then show how this design works in practice by discussing a pilot study.
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    TitelNarrative and metaphor in education
    SubtitelLook Both Ways
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    StatusPublished - 7-dec-2018

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