Young Dutch people’s everyday experiences of romance and sexuality: A mixed-method approach

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Objectives: This exploratory study assessed young Dutch people’s emerging sexual experiences in everyday life, in addition to examine the feasibility of a mixed-methods diary study. Methods: Using one-week diaries, 12- –17-year-olds recorded qualitative reports of their everyday romantic and sexual experiences. Results: The qualitative findings identify “Making Contact” as a profound theme; however, it was expressed differently for each romantic and sexual experience. Contrary to the general idea, girls did not report more about romantic topics than boys did, nor did boys report more about sexual activities than girls did. Conclusions: Our findings highlight the importance of incorporating a broad spectrum of everyday-life romantic and sexual experiences in future research, and have provided valuable support for the implementation of a forthcoming two-year diary study.
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StatusPublished - 6-okt.-2016

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